As noted previously, the Government of British Columbia has designated certain species as high risk and a priority to find, identify, and systematically eradicate or contain before they can reproduce and disperse beyond their point of entry. New species are assessed regularly based on the potential risk.

There is an established plan in place that guides the Province’s response to the detection of an EDRR species.

Invasive Species Early Detection & Rapid Response

image of the invasive species early detection plan PDF

Early detection of newly arrived invasive species, followed by a well-coordinated, rapid response, increases the chance of getting rid of or containing new invasions and is the most cost-effective means of controlling invasive species.

The Province provides up-to-date information on EDRR species, including alert sheets like the samples available at the website below:

Priority Invasive Species

image of jointed goat grass alert

image of the oriental weatherfish alert