Invasive species often hitch-hike on people and their equipment. Whether you are working or playing, you should always clean yourself and your gear before moving from one location to the next, in order to prevent the spread of invasive species. BMPs for keeping clean when working around water or on land are described below.

1.1 Keep clean around water

Be sure to clean, drain, and dry all watercraft and equipment after use when working or recreating around freshwater lakes, streams, and wetlands to prevent transport of invasive species. Click on each title below for more information.

Follow these important BMPs:

  • Inspect your watercraft and remove any debris or plant material.
  • Clean aquatic plants and mud from your boat, motor, and trailer.
  • Wash and clean all watercraft including boats, paddleboards, kayaks, canoes, and personal watercraft.
  • Clean all gear, including waders, buckets, sampling equipment, and freshwater scuba-diving gear.

Inspect your boat and remove plant material and mud.
Wash and clean all your watercraft.
Inspect all areas of your watercraft.
Wash waders and other gear.

Use waders with rubber soles rather than felt, as they are much easier to clean.

Follow these important BMPs:

  • Drain standing water from your boat’s transom and motor intakes and all its storage areas.
  • Drain water from equipment and all watercraft, including kayaks and canoes.
Drain all water from your boat and motor.
Drain kayaks, canoes, and other watercraft so there is no standing water.

Follow these important BMPs:

  • Dry all watercraft and gear after use.
  • If possible, avoid launching a watercraft into more than one water body per day, to allow time for the boat and gear to dry.
Allow gear to fully dry before moving to new waterbody.