Legislation and regulation: what you need to know

Everyone should know the rules and regulations around invasive species in BC. You may know that having a cheetah or an anaconda without a permit is illegal, but did you also know that the BC government has designated approximately 1,200 species of animals as controlled alien species? A permit is needed to possess, breed, ship, or transport these animals in BC. BC also has three different pieces of legislation listing invasive plant species that must be controlled.

image of a snakehead fish
Snakehead fish are a controlled alien species under the BC Wildlife Act. This individual was found in a pond in Burnaby, BC.

Due to varying jurisdictions and numerous pieces of legislation, regulations, and policies, the topic of legislation around invasive species can get complicated quickly. Click on the provincial and federal boxes below for an overview of key legislation you should be aware of as a government staff member or someone working on provincial public lands.